Dirty Jokes DVD

dvdRecorded live in New York City, Gilbert Gottfried tears down the walls of good taste in this hilarious, gleefully foul-mouthed performance! At his most shocking and hilarious, he builds to a now-legendary grand finale known as the Dirtiest Joke of All Time (featured in the hit film The Aristocrats)! Definitely not for kids… may even be unsuitable for adults! Includes over 30 minutes of jaw-dropping bonus features! An insane collection of impressions and intimate personal details about Gilbert that will not be found anywhere else. Bonus segments include: – How to tell a dirty joke – Intimate details about Gilbert’s personal life – Fond recollections of famous friends like JFK, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Charles Lindbergh – Gilbert on Brando – Gilbert on Groucho – Gilbert on Lugosi!

“Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes is an unabashedly gleeful compendium of filthy gags, some as familiar as high school locker-room banter, some dusted off from Friars Club roasts, and others quite new and shocking. The squinting, gravel-voiced comedian, whose performance clip in The Aristocrats is a highlight of that film, dives into the deep end before a New York City crowd with one sick laugh after another, most having to do with sex (of course) though many others find sport with age, health, and religion. Nothing can be repeated here, but the one about the long-married Jewish guy who makes two requests of a genie is awfully good, while another about two old men sitting on a park bench is priceless. Nothing is off the table: traveling salesmen humor, dead hookers, the bear and the incompetent hunter (that one’s priceless). Gottfried also treats the crowd to pretty good impressions of Bill Cosby, Alan King, Jackie Mason, and Jerry Seinfeld. The first dozen jokes might not break through one’s defenses, but eventually Gottfried’s persistence will.” –Tom Keogh

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