Trucker Hat

trucker_hatThe old folks still talk about the Phantom Trucker of Route 53. Most remember a squint-eyed stare, haunting and abrasive laugh, and the caustic, yet humorous, insults he left behind. However no one could ever seem to agree on exactly how he looked. Some said he was short, others ever shorter, but all agreed on two things: he wore an amazing Trucker Hat (that was available in either black and white, or red, white, and blue) and had a killer impersonation of James Mason.

The hat is a classic with a 100% polyester foam front, 100% nylon mesh weave back, and adjustable plastic snap closure.  Everyone loves the stunning artwork of Gilbert Gottfried by Will Finn, animator of Gilbert’s character “Iago” in Disney’s Aladdin that graces the front.

For just the $15.99 needed to buy this hat now you can have a piece of the legend. Drive carefully.