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Glad commercial - Gilbert Gottfried (2003)
Time: 0:31
From: ivorycharmer
Views: 21329
25 ratings
Seymore Smoke - Gilbert Gottfried PSA for Fire Safety
Gilbert Gottfried is the voice of Seymore Smoke in this fire safety PSA.
Time: 0:32
From: entertainmentgeekly
Views: 30784
71 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried takes over FOX morning show
Gilbert Gottfried takes over FOX morning show, while in town to promote appearances at Harrah's and The Comedy Spot Comedy Club.
Time: 9:53
From: thecomedyspot
Views: 19339
118 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried - Jerry Seinfeld does Hamlet
To be, or not to be? Who are these people that be?
Time: 0:34
From: oopszie
Views: 162116
602 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried on Getting Ahead in Hollywood
Obnoxious and annoying comedian Gilbert Gottfried tells us how to get ahead in Hollywood.
Time: 1:01
From: japril1
Views: 52281
95 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried "Duct Tape"
Maximo TV http://www.maximotv.com http://www.youtube.com/maximotv Gilbert Gottfried talks about duct tape when asked about boxers or briefs at Comedy Central "Roast Of Bob Saget" 2008 Red Carpet event at Warner Studios. Interview By Dana Ward ***This footage is available for licensing*** The viewing of this clip by website visitors is only permissible for personal use; copying, commercial use, distribution, broadcast, download, additional use or transfer is expressly prohibited. Contact us for more information at maximotv.com for proper clearance. © Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV™ / maximotv.com MAXIMO TV - MAXIMO TV - MAXIMO TV
Time: 1:21
From: maximotv
Views: 109128
186 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried on Muppets Tonight
Kermit the Frog goes to meet the winner of a 'Win a Date with Kermit' contest, to find it's none other than Gilbert Gottfried. Note: This material is owned by Disney. This is merely here because I'm a fan of Gilbert, and of the Muppets, and I strongly encourage fellow fans to buy the Muppet Show and Muppet movies, as well as Muppets Tonight if it comes to DVD
Time: 3:18
From: bignosedbastard
Views: 38674
141 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried Meets Kirsten Powers!
Gilbert was impressed.
Time: 1:16
From: johnnydollar01
Views: 45566
123 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried Does Andrew Dice Clay
Brilliant impression of the Diceman by Gottfried. So funny!
Time: 2:05
From: foundfunny
Views: 374963
1111 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried on A&E's Caroline's Comedy Hour
Gilbert Gottfried stand-up on A&E's Caroline's Comedy Hour
Time: 5:50
From: VintageVHS
Views: 100121
270 ratings
Gilbert Gottfried on Joan Rivers vagina
After much trash talk, Gilbert Gottfried stands to defend the "fabled Joan Rivers vagina." This was the funniest bit from the recent Comedy Central Joan Rivers Roast.
Time: 3:21
From: jrthomas20
Views: 226314
754 ratings
Time: 4:21
From: TheGilbertGottfried
Views: 33473
109 ratings
gilbert joanrivers roast
Gilbert Gottfried Roasts Joan Rivers
Time: 7:01
From: TheGilbertGottfried
Views: 153619
606 ratings
Reporter loses it on Gilbert Gottfried!
Gilbert Gottfried causes news reporter to lose it! Very funny!
Time: 1:03
From: bloggyboys1
Views: 392723
1035 ratings